Genius Loci: how do we export the territory?
By importing the connoisseurs!

On the strength of the experience of wines of international slant from the New World, many people are now firmly convinced that exporting the territory with all its heritage of typicality is one of the most interesting and valid ways of maintaining and incrementing the market shares of European wines.
genius loci, from the Latin father of the French terroir - but with an extra emphasis on the concept of generation, intrinsic to the work of the farmer and, above all, of the wine-grower - offers its own approach to the exportation of the territory: the importation of connoisseurs.
The wine-growers of genius loci propose wines with profound links with their own territory and a typicality that renders them unique, which can be found only in that area: in order to drink them, the connoisseurs simply have to go there.
Because while it is true that genius indicates the spirit, the generating force which underlies every thing or place, loci binds that genius to each precise terrain: the genius loci of a wine, admirably describing its inherent sacredness, nevertheless exhorts the connoisseur’s presence in that place so that he can grasp that sacredness to the full.
This, therefore, is the essence of genius loci: to present a united series of wines which can be found by the consumers exclusively in the area of which they are an expression. Effectively, a bottle, however excellent it may be, can never be exhaustive in itself; a full knowledge of it can only be acquired by treading the soil which has produced it, gazing into the faces of the people who live there, appreciating the light, the morphology and the intervention of man in that region, from the farmhouses to the cuisine... The purpose of the association is, therefore, not simply the presentation of a wine, but also of the territory of which such wine is an expression. More than an association between wine-growers, it is an association between wines which comprise valencies of a tourist and cultural nature. This, then, is our end purpose: to offer to connoisseurs a wine together with its genius loci, each within its own ambit but combined in the offer.
And who is a better ambassador for any type of beauty than he who has experienced it in person?
And so this is the answer of genius loci: how do we export the territory? By importing the connoisseurs!